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TelServ can streamline your communications systems and help optimize your network, increase your bandwidth, and reduce your operational costs.

Here are a few case studies from customers who have realized immediate ROI by working with our experienced team.

Nationally Renowned, Medical Billing Company Increases
Bandwidth and Saves 32% on Existing Monthly Costs

A nationally renowned, medical billing company required an increase in its voice and data network capacity but still needed to be mindful of tight IT budgets.

After unsuccessfully reaching out to the incumbent carrier and other service providers in its area, the client engaged TelServ to meet its needs.

“After analyzing the client’s network requirements,” states Michael Gallucci, CEO and Founder of TelServ, “we were able to offer a tailored, communications package that literally doubled the client’s existing bandwidth, offered unlimited local calling and 30,000 minutes of toll free, long distance and regional calling. The end-result was a 32% savings on the firm’s existing monthly costs. More bandwidth, less Cap-Ex. Plus, TelServ is a single point of contact, saving the client valuable time negotiating with multiple carriers and comparing numerous proposals.”

Global Financial Firm Realizes Additional Reliability
and Speed For 25% Less Per Month

Headquartered in Chicago with offices in New York, London, Paris, Mumbai, Singapore, Sydney, Toronto, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Taipei, and Dubai, a leading financial firm relied on a 50 mbps Ethernet for data connectivity from Chicago to London. During the term of the service, the company encountered many problems with the circuit’s reliability, latency and capacity to carry the necessary traffic. Thoroughly dissatisfied, they contacted TelServ to explore options for improving the service.

After a careful evaluation, TelServ recommended a 100 Mbps replacement circuit with redundancy protection from Hibernia Atlantic. The customer benefited by receiving twice as much bandwidth coupled with incredibly low latency. Furthermore, the firm saved 25% on its monthly communications bill.

European Satellite Provider Establishes Significant
U.S. Operations Without Boarding a Plane

One of the world’s top three satellite providers (in terms of revenue) relied on TelServ when establishing its network presence in the US. Although based in France, this operator covers the entire European continent, the Middle East, Africa, India and major parts of Asia and the Americas. Its satellites broadcast over 2,500 television and 1000 radio stations to more than 164 million global cable and satellite subscribers.

To help the company penetrate the US market, TelServ provided a step-by-step, detailed networking plan. First, TelServ established a network Point of Presence (PoP) at Telx in 60 Hudson Street in New York City, one of the world’s largest carrier hotels. Once there, the company connected to the satellite provider’s local providers, enabling point-to-point DS1s, OC3s, and Internet service.

To further optimize cost savings, TelServ interconnected with three separate Tier 1 carriers, each with a strong presence in the required local markets. TelServ bundled these three carriers into one invoice to simplify the payment process, an important feature for this overseas client.

On behalf of its client, TelServ secured competitive pricing, procured the necessary equipment, and established the required connectivity without requiring the customer to travel to theUS. The satellite provider was able to grow into its new US marketplace while remaining in France, focused on its core business.

Global Call Center Expands Facilities and Cuts Cost by 30%

A major international call center provider hired TelServ to assist with its ongoing network expansion. This company has facilities across five countries, employs over 7,300 people and has offices in USA, UK and France with call centers in Mauritius, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore. Its client base includes over 35 major companies in a variety of industries, including many Blue Chip and Fortune 500 companies.

TelServ set up connectivity to their worldwide call centers utilizing DS1′s, DS3′s, plus domestic and International calling. It also connected the call center’s Fortune 500 client base to the client’s global centers for short and long-term projects.

As an added benefit, TelServ provided competitive pricing and redundancy by utilizing a variety of carriers. Thus far, its client is enjoying a 30% price reduction on many of the same services over an expanded footprint.

Emergency Notification System

A company providing emergency notification services needed a reliable way to contact 1 million+ residents in New Jersey’s largest county in case of emergencies such as road closings, water main breaks, and evacuations.

Due to the nature of the business, TelServ recommended a robust, scalable VoIP network that would enable the company to control the number of circuits used at any given time. TelServ provided the network plan, carrier pricing and assisted in company-wide deployment.

As a result of our combined efforts, the firm can now reliably complete 100,000 plus calls an hour. Based on the company’s improved notification time and reliability, it has procured major new clients and grown its business exponentially.

Improved Telecom Strategy

Celestial Capital Group, LLC (“CCGL”) is a real estate owner/operator concentrating on value-added office and retail properties in the New York metropolitan area. The firm also performs limited financial advisory services and is a licensed real estate broker.

Due to the nature of the business, TelServ recommended a robust, scalable VoIP network that would enable the company to control the number of circuits used at any given time. TelServ provided the network plan, carrier pricing and assisted in company-wide deployment.

Working with CCGL, TelServ identified several key goals to improve their telecom strategy: reduce monthly telecommunication expenditures, consolidate various invoices from multiple carriers, and increase data bandwidth.

TelServ recommended an Integrated T1, also known as bundled T1 service, a flexible, scalable product that combines local (digital or analog), long distance, and Internet services over the same bonded circuits. An Integrated T1 is designed for small and mid-sized customers with traditional analog business lines or digital PRI card that have a need for high-speed Internet access, but do not require the service of a separate full T1 for internet and a full T1 for local service. The Integrated T1 is well suited for the customer that is searching for a dedicated data solution but wants to maintain an affordable, simple, and manageable service.

By selecting the Integrated T1 service, CCGL achieved the highest level of efficiency, with an estimated saving of 36% over their previous carriers, along with the simplicity of a single invoice for all services.

Additionally, the applicable taxes on Integrated T1 service are significantly less than taxes on individual POT’s lines, thus adding to the savings.

Improved Telecom Strategy

Headquartered in North Bergen, New Jersey, Kay Burger Management, LLC, owns and operates thirteen Burger King Restaurants and three Dunkin Donuts shops throughout the New Jersey and New York metro area. One of its top priorities was to not only find a provider that had reliable connectivity options, but also one that could streamline network management across all of its locations. With 16 locations across multiple states, Kay Burger required a simplified billing process with a single point of contact.The TelServ team provided Kay Burger with several connectivity options and presented them in a clear way illustrating comparisons of the best features and functionality, in an easy-to-analyze format. With a solid reputation for offering clients competitive pricing with proven cost-savings, TelServ was Kay Burger’s clear choice.

Read more about Kay Burger’s solution.

These customer cases highlight the many ways in which companies like yours have benefited from our services. Whether you are looking to save money, streamline services, improve operations, or grow your business, we can help you.

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