Business cloud services are growing by leaps and bounds. TelServ will help you use the incredible power that the cloud provides to achieve your company’s short- and long-term visions. Public, private, or hybrid cloud — we’ll make the transition to a more flexible and efficient infrastructure a simple and rewarding process.

Some of the business cloud services at our disposal include:

  • HDaaS. In the business of big data? If so, the inconvenience of managing and working with large data sets is no surprise to you. Hadoop-as-a-service removes the hassle of handling sizable data stores. We’ll help you optimize your data management program.
  • DaaS. Virtual desktop environments can be extremely expensive and complex to maintain, especially for smaller businesses. However, this method of providing software access is great for companies with specialized applications. Desktop-as-a-service can be the perfect solution to the need for a virtualized environment without the overwhelming expense.
  • PaaS. Not all organizations want the complication or cost of hosting their own website or apps in-house. Platform-as-a-service provides access to development tools and hosting without the investment in pricey hardware. Whether you require mobile, open-source, or rapid development platforms, TelServ has the expertise and connections to help.
  • SaaS. Time consuming software installation has been replaced by efficient software-as-a-service models. This translates to easy, cost-effective access to the software that operates your business. You’ll always have the most up to date and secure software applications with help from TelServ.
  • Backup & Recovery. An operational outage can shutter a company that isn’t properly prepared. We’ll help you find business cloud services for continuity, disaster recovery, and backups. You’ll minimize downtime in the event of a crisis and keep things running smoothly.
  • Unified Communications. Integrating your individual systems translates to improved productivity, better customer satisfaction, and revenue growth. Cut down call handling and hold times as data flows seamlessly between your phone system and your CRM tool. Improve team cohesion and collaboration with readily available networking tools and information stores. We’ll take the time to design the perfect solution for your whole organization.

Are you ready to grow through the use of business cloud services? Let us help you.

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