Data is a critical commodity today, and it’s important to your company that your data flows smoothly, securely, and efficiently. Lag and latency are the demise of productivity, draining your resources and costing you time and money. TelServ’s relationships with broadband Internet carriers and access to many high-speed methods of communication will remove these obstacles from your path to success.

Some of the data transmission services TelServ can assist with include:

  • Broadband. Broadband Internet connections are always on and ready for action. You’ll enjoy high speeds and reliable performance no matter how small or large your company is.
  • Cable. TelServ’s cable partners offer entertainment, Internet connectivity, telephony, and more. Cable is available in most areas, bringing great broadband Internet to businesses that may not otherwise be able to attain high-speed connectivity.
  • Fiber. Fiber is a lightning fast, exciting new technology that is beginning to become more widely available. Imagine the hours you’ll gain when business is conducted at the speed of light. If you’re in a fiber-qualified area, TelServ will work diligently to get you competitive pricing for this high-tech solution.
  • Ethernet. Share devices and files securely on a network that spans departments. We’ll get you connected and collaborating effectively in no time.
  • Colocation / Data Center Solutions. Hardware is cumbersome, expensive, and a challenge to manage with the limited resources of a growing company. TelServ will help you find an effective partner in this effort. Using shared data center services allows you access to tools that may otherwise be too costly.

Your business cannot afford to wait. Broadband Internet and rapid connection speeds are essential in today’s fast paced business climate. TelServ will get you established with a swift and reliable provider.

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