Although the private cloud has many of the same perks as the public cloud, one of these cloud types is quickly becoming the big favorite among IT heads. As cloud management costs balloon for many organizations, the private cloud could be a welcomed solution.

Here are five ways private cloud platforms are surpassing public clouds in growth:

1. Private Cloud: The Premier Choice for International Organizations

Just how widespread is private cloud usage? According to online statistics portalStatista, 72% of organizations around the world utilize an on-premise private cloud. The highest levels of private cloud usage are in Latin America (84%) and Western Europe (80%). North America is slightly below average at 70%, though this figure has the potential to grow.

2. Manufacturers, Vendors Working to Lower Costs

Although private cloud options may be priced higher than public cloud choices, manufacturers of equipment built for private clouds as well as vendors are progressing toward reduced costs. Specifically, they are working with companies and IT professionals to decrease the costs of equipment and hardware as one way to bring down the price of private clouds.

3. Private Clouds Becoming More Popular Among IT Staff

With the various benefits of the private cloud, it’s no secret that IT heads are considering switching from the public cloud. The 2016 State of the Cloud Survey published by RightScale found private cloud usage among IT professionals has jumped to 77% (from 63% last year).

In addition to respondents increasingly adopting private clouds, 31% of companies said they are running more than 1,000 virtual machines in the private cloud. This outpaces the 17% of enterprises that said they have more than 1,000 virtual machines in the public cloud.

4. Automation Makes Platforms More Efficient

If IT professionals are unable to work with manufacturers and vendors to lower equipment or hardware costs, they also have the option of decreasing labor costs to control expenses. To do this, IT staff will have to focus on automated processes that reduce the need for additional labor and support. With many IT professionals citing cloud management and its associated costs as a major challenge, private clouds are increasingly being sought after as a solution.

5. All Providers Reveal Private Cloud Adoption Increasing

The RightScale study also revealed a surprising fact: All providers of the private cloud said they saw greater instances of this type of cloud in 2016 compared to the previous year. Some providers even reported double digit increases in adoption rates of private cloud technology. Not only are organizations more likely to adopt a private cloud environment, but they are also setting their sights on hybrid clouds. This combination of private and public clouds ensures the private cloud market is on track for growth.

With these five factors accelerating the rise of private cloud adoption, IT heads should consider whether it’s time to make the switch from public cloud.