An Introduction to Scale-out Storage

Until fairly recently there were really only two types of networked storage available: large, high-end and high-performance storage arrays, and modular arrays built on a …

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5 Eye-Opening Data Breach Statistics

Security executives know cyber attacks can happen anywhere and at any time, threatening their companies’ data and putting customer and corporate information at risk for …

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Legacy Systems and Beyond: 5 Ways to Plan for Enterprise Growth

Businesses aim to expand, but what happens when their infrastructure and IT systems can’t keep up? Not only will revenue likely peak sooner than expected, …

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5 Trends Driving Businesses to Use SDN

With emphasis on virtualization, big data, and other challenges that are causing headaches for some IT professionals, there is an emerging network architecture that could solve …

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Enterprise Mobility Management: What Are the Main Components?

Security is one of the biggest concerns IT administration faces when it comes to mobility. Maintaining adequate levels of security when devices are no longer …

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Private Cloud

5 Ways Private Cloud Platforms Are Overshadowing Public Clouds

Although the private cloud has many of the same perks as the public cloud, one of these cloud types is quickly becoming the big favorite …

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